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Once bitten by the font bug, it is never cured. It is only sedated by the devouring of more fonts. But as fontaholics have observed, fonts do not come cheap. Typography artists put a great deal of time and efforts into their work, and rightly seek compensation.

There is good news for fontaholics, however. There are many fonts available for free or at a low cost, ready to download on the web.


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I Wanna Download Some Fonts!

Having been bitten by the font bug myself, I wanted to try my hand at making some. This is just the beginning.

* Cat Silhouettes
* Laser Systems
* Xanadu

Please drop by often as I create more fonts.

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I Wanna Make a Font!

Eventually most fontaholics get to this stage. Most font programs are very expensive (generally no less than $200 US, and on average $400 US), but there are some cheaper alternatives out there.

* Softy This is the program that got me started. It is shareware and is a very simple bitmap and True Type editing program for Windows 3.1x and Windows 95.
* Fontographer This is what I use 99% of the time. Available for both Windows and Mac platforms, it is the most comprehensive font-creation program, and is very expensive. A must for a more professional designer, however.
* DTP-Software This German company produces a number of font programs for Windows 3.1x and Windows 95. I use FontLab to create my font "families," including bold, italic, and bold italic versions of my fonts.

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Other Sites

Visit some of my other sites on the web:

* Agent J's Workshop
* Agent J's Cult Sci-Fi Television
* AJ's Catz
* AJ's Diner
* Paul McGann Page

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